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On 26 June 2020, Goal Master Fitness and Level 20 co-hosted London’s first webinar on the health and wellness of mid-life professional women. The health challenges faced by mid-life women are different from the challenges men face. The boardroom and C-Suite are not paying attention. Too many professional women suffer in silence. We are trying to change that.

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The feedback speaks for itself:

“A thoroughly engaging and informative webinar from a fantastic panel of experts who presented a perfect balance of information/ education with meaningful, realistic practical take-aways … on a topic that has been buried for way too long. A huge thank you to Goal Master and Level 20 for raising this topic to the level of quality engagement and awareness that it merits” – (Partner, Major Law Firm)

„At last, sound guidance at all levels on how to manage this natural rite of passage for women and debunk many myths“ – (Owner, Property Advisory Firm)

Our panel was comprised of Dr. Anne Henderson, consultant gynecologist and one of the top menopause experts in the UK; Claire Small, co-owner and clinical director of Pure Sports Medicine, one of London’s leading multidisciplinary physiotherapist and sports medicine practices; and Steve Kemp, head of nutrition at Goal Master Fitness, a leading London-based provider of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching for busy professionals.


  1. Businesses ignore mid-life women’s health at their peril. There are 3.5 million working women over 50 in the UK. Only 20% of employers provide information about menopause to their employees. Only 2% have any relevant health and safety policies in place. Yet 50% of women report performance related issues resulting from the symptoms of menopause, including high rates of sick leave and early retirement.
  2. HRT is safer than most women think. Modern hormone replacement therapies (HRT) have minimal or no increase in breast cancer risk. Among many other benefits, HRT can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease – a disease that kills 50% of women and which is preventable 90% of the time.
  3. Regular exercise is critically important. The natural drop in estrogen levels at menopause significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also accelerates the loss of muscle mass and bone density, ultimately leading to old age frailty, immobility, dependence and death. Regular cardiovascular exercise, particularly high intensity interval training, can greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Strength training, combined with adequate protein consumption, can reverse the loss of muscle mass and bone density. Regular exercise may also improve mental health and help reduce the anxiety, insomnia, forgetfulness and lack of concentration often associated with menopause.
  4. Weight gain is not inevitable. Contrary to popular belief, menopause itself does not cause weight gain. However, many women do gain weight at menopause due to reduced physical activity and increased eating as a result of disturbed sleep and increased anxiety and depression. Menopause does cause a shift of fat stores from thighs to belly, which many women find unpleasant and often mistake for weight gain. Permanent, sustainable weight loss can be a critical step for many women to boost health.
  5. Eat enough protein. Though nutrition cannot cure the symptoms of menopause, it can help in important ways. Reversing the loss of muscle mass requires eating sufficient protein. Protein requirements increase as we age. Many women do not eat enough protein, particularly when dieting. Reversing the loss of bone mineral density requires adequate calcium intake, as found in dairy products or in calcium supplements.

If you would like to watch a recording of the webinar, please email Tim Clarke, head of client relations at Goal Master Fitness

We already raised over £1000 for the British Menopause Society and NHS charities. If you enjoy the webinar, please consider donating £10 (or any other amount). Tim can tell you how to do that.

On behalf of Goal Master Fitness, we extend our sincere thanks to our co-host, Level 20, and to our panelists, Dr. Anne Henderson, Claire Small, and Steve Kemp, for a fantastic presentation. We are far from done raising awareness of the health and wellness issues facing mid-life women.


Please keep in touch and watch out for our next event.