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Premium 1:1 online coaching,

on the highest level.


Premium 1:1 online coaching,

on the highest level.

Optimize your health and performance.

Increase your leisure time and money.

As a TÜV certified health coach, Dominik combines his own experiences from the biohacking field with the know-how backed up by his medical degree. He helps people to optimize their health and performance so they can manage their everyday life more successfully, increase their money and energy in the long term, and enjoy more leisure time and quality time with their family.

Dominik’s drive for his profession is a personal one.

Due to the accumulation of an illness in his family, he began to deal intensively with various health topics and biohacks. Today, he teaches his knowledge to his clients to help them achieve their individual health goals.


4 steps to success:


A comprehensive holistic anamnesis is done in your first coaching session.


Your current status is determined through externally conducted personalized analyses.


Based on your measured results, an individual plan is developed to compensate for your deficits.


An eight week plan is developed and regularly discussed. Individual techniques are taught to help you achieve your personal goal.

Online Coaching

  • Do you want to improve your sleep?
    Dominik helps you to fall asleep faster, sleeping better through the night and starting your day with more energy.
  • Do you want to strengthen your immune system?
    Dominik helps you to find the root cause of your problem and solve it. This way you can strengthen your immune system and enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • Do you want to optimize your body weight?
    Dominik deals, among other things, with the optimisation of your individual body weight. By losing weight, you can improve your quality of life, increase your energy level and achieve holistic health.
  • Do you want to improve your digestion? 
    Dominik helps you to optimize your intestinal flora so you are able to travel stress-free, without constantly looking for the next toilet.
  • Do you need more energy?
    Dominik helps you to reach your maximum potential, through unlocking your highest performance and energy.
  • Do you need more time?
    Dominik helps you to organize your everyday life more efficiently by increasing your energy through individual nutrition planning and better sleep. As a result, you can do more things in less time and generate more time for the truly important things in life.

Dominik’s coaching clients

High Performers

Better health. More enjoyment.
By strengthening the immune system and optimizing your lifestyle, Dominik helps you to enjoy better health, so you can devote yourself fully again to the beautiful things in life.


Stronger & faster.
Higher & further.
By maximizing your physical and spiritual potential, Dominik helps you to break personal and international records.


Self-employed people often suffer from stress, which can cause your immune system to be overly active and your health to decline. Dominik helps you to regain your balance, so that you can work more productively and enjoy your leisure time filled with energy and health.


"You really want to help people... You did a great job... I can really recommend it to everybody, it works and it's not just a marketing gag"

- Josipa

"I sleep a lot better, I just get up and I'm fit... I have energy, I have energy all day... I have four kids and I'm doing an apprenticeship... it's going really well, I don't feel like I'm anywhere close to my limits, so there's still something going on. And that's really cool!"

- Selina

"I was able to take away so much from the talk about sleep... it made a huge difference... It gave me back so much quality of life.... Concerning the price I think it's totally's just about health, I'll never regret that, really!...Get yourself professional help!"

- Denise

"The micronutrient balance has been optimized so that my regeneration is on a completely different level now. I can recover much better and faster. I have an even deeper sleep than before... I can only recommend it to everyone."

- Max

"I actually felt well taken care of from the very first moment. Definitely try it out, go to the initial consultation and check on what your gut feeling tells you. But definitely give it a chance and just try it out. The price for the coaching is definitely fair."

- Carolina

"Dominik has the right scientific background... He uses different thought approaches and it's all scientifically based though... It was just perfect, I don't know if anyone could do it better!"

- Sebastian

"I feel fitter, I don't feel so sluggish anymore. For a long time, I was feeling very tired and very exhausted.
I don't have these feelings now. It’s all gone!"

- Nadja

"Especially regarding the blood sugar level, probably every runner knows that: They need some sugar or something else from time to time... That need is almost gone! My performance has increased massively... It actually works!"

- Michael

"I felt very well looked after as Dominik also brings that medical background with himself... The coaching is suitable for anyone who is willing to do something & accept change... I enjoyed achieving my goals as I also saw the success... Before coaching I didn't achieve anything and now it suddenly worked out... The price is definitely fair!"

- Gerti

"The coaching value for money is so good to me... I'm so glad we met Dominik, and that we did this together... Dominik’s biohacking tips were very helpful... I have a totally different body image now."

- Stefan

"I feel very very good now, much better than before coaching... I also learned a lot... I understand things better now... With Dominik, one really has a very competent contact person... Within the first weeks, the first positive results were already there."

- Patrick

"That was actually exactly the way I had to go... I would never have thought in my life that it would work like that for me... I sleep through the night now, get up fresh and alert in the morning... The coaching is worth every cent..."

- Ykla

"My sleep is much, much better... I feel much more rested... The daily headaches are gone after the coaching... Everyone can take something from the conversations with Dominik, not just for the moment, but for his/her whole life."

- Lukas

"My sleep quality has definitely improved... I never expected this to work out in such a short period of time... My mood has improved... I have more energy throughout the whole day... I'm glad I did it."

- Robert



This coaching is not suitable for you:
1.) If you don't want to apply the knowledge we give you.
2.) If you are not willing to invest time and money in yourself and your health.
3.) If you are not ready to work on yourself and your lifestyle in order to make good and healthy decisions in the long term.


I have already tried a lot of programmes, supplements and diets without achieving my desired results. How do I know that I will reach my goal with DAILYMED?

You can find online coaching programmes, coaches and miracle diets like sand at the ocean. Our 1:1 coaching clearly stands out from the average "overnight success programmes":

  1. With DAILYMED, there is no fixed programme that runs from A-Z: We develop a tailor-made, holistic, individual programme for you, which can be optimally integrated into your everyday life. We work together with you, step by step, week by week, by implementing techniques and hacks that will actually get you closer to your goal.
  2. Our knowledge is not based on a weekend course. It developed over a decade: Our references include a successfully completed time at medical school as well as training as a holistic certified health coach. In addition, we regularly attend further training through conferences, congresses, coachings, study analyses and much more.
  3. Our goal is that you will reach your goal. You can expect maximum commitment and premium support from our side. Conversely, we expect maximum commitment, punctuality and reliability from you. If you are really motivated and also ready to implement our tips into your daily life, it is virtually impossible for you not to achieve any results. Check out the testimonials of our successful clients.

Is there a possibility of physical local on-site support?
We want to help as many people as possible and therefore coaching is exclusively done online, without exceptions. This enables us to work with our clients worldwide. Our clients really appreciate the flexibility that goes with our online support.

What are the costs of coaching with DAILYMED?
The costs of coaching depend on your current status and your personal goal. The duration, scope and price of your coaching will also depend on this.

Please be aware that this coaching is not your average “miracle weekend programme” for 700$, but rather it’s an investment into your health, which offers you a full-fledged, holistic premium care: This includes, among other things, weekly 1:1 sessions, Whatsapp support, individual plans, lifelong access to exclusive videos, livecalls and many other extras.
Counter question: How much does illness cost (per patient)?

  • Diabetes: approx. 5.000,00 $ per year
  • Obesity: approx. 2.500,00 $ per year
  • Heart attack: approx. 6.000.00 $ per year
  • Dementia: approx. 40.000,00 $ per year
  • Allergic asthma: approx. 2.500,00 $ per year
  • Chronic back pain: approx. 2.000,00 $ per year
  • Stroke: up to 44.000,00 $

Can the costs be covered by my insurance?
dailyMED is not a doctor's practice. The coaching refers to the preventive health sector, which is why the costs of coaching must always be covered privately.

How do I know that I am ready for coaching with DAILYMED? We can totally empathize with your situation: You might have a stressful daily life, a full time job, a family, children, etc.
As an entrepreneur, author of three books and from his past, when he worked as a doctor in a hospital, Dominik knows what it means to cope with stressful schedules and unexpected challenges. I know how you feel.
Nevertheless the quotes "There is no perfect time to start." or "The best time to start is yesterday." fit best for this situation.
Many of our clients are self-employed, have families, children and major responsibilities in their professional and private lives. However, they bring a high level of commitment with themself when they apply for coaching, which is why they also manage to achieve optimal results with us, despite stressful days. You can achieve that as well!

Is there an age limit to be accepted for coaching?
No! No! Our oldest coaching client to date successfully completed her coaching with us shortly after her 70th birthday.

Are supplements and analyses included in the coaching price?
No. However, we are always at your side and offer our support through our expertise in organizational matters. You can also benefit from our extensive network to gain access to various specialists.

How long does it take until I see the first results?
This depends on your personal goal and your willingness to give it your all, as well as implementing the tips we advise you. We are no miracle workers, but if you are motivated and committed to working with us, over 95% of our clients see positive results within three to four weeks after starting coaching with us.

What happens after the coaching is over?
After you have achieved your personal goal you acquire lifelong access to an exclusive online community, which enables you to stay in contact with Dominik, his team and many other interesting personalities. By investing into your coaching with DAILYMED you also buy unlimited access to scientifically, evidence-based online content in various forms e.g. video courses, podcasts and blog articles. These will not be posted on Instagram or Facebook. It is very important to us that you are not left alone after your coaching, rather you will benefit from our coaching and its extras for a lifetime. If you wish, there is always the possibility of extending our 1:1 support.