Dr. med. univ. Dominik Klug

– Health Coach, General Director & Manager –

To me, health is… The most important thing! Thanks to my health, I can master every day with a maximum of energy and motivation. It allows me to develop my full potential and help other people to do so as well.

Alissa Hermann

– Executive Assistant –

To me, health is… being able to consciously decide to be healthy every day anew. To me, health is reflected on a physical level as well as on a mental and spiritual level. By having the ability to make a decision to live your life and feel your life provides oneself and others with a daily dose of motivation and strength, again and again.

Melanie Moosbrugger

– Head of Customer Happiness,
cert. Health Coach, cert. Coach for Aroma Therapy and Cosmetician in training –

To me, health is … freedom – both on a mental and physical level. The freedom to make unrestricted decisions every day, which brings me closer to my goals. The freedom to experience unforgettable moments that make life worth living. To achieve this kind of freedom you need to make a decision for yourself and by yourself.

Benedikt Tomaselli

– Web development –

To me, health is… one of the most important things in general. You can be filthy rich and world famous, but without health none of this is worth a dime. The only thing that matters in this situation and the only thing you will desire, is to get healthy again as soon as possible.

Dr. Katharina Kopf

– General practitioner –

For me, health is … priceless … and a cornerstone for a fulfilled life. In order to bring body, mind and soul into harmony and to maintain it, it requires a constant examination of oneself and, if necessary, the involvement of people who can help.